The Zig Zag Girl Scandal

Magician and Magic historian, Mike Caveney, reported an scandal that took place back in the 60’s. It is centered around Robert Harbin’s illusion, the Zig Zag Girl.

Here is a video of Harbin performing that illusion.

Below is a link to Mike Caveney’s video reporting the scandal that took place.

Click Here >>>

I believe this report provides a valuable education on our magic community and the evolution of magic.

What can we learn from this report?

As Mike pointed out Harbin was motivated to write his book and he sold his illusion plans. In years past and even today many secrets are stolen without permission by other inventors and in industries such as, technology, entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and so on.

May I suggest this thought….

Instead of stealing ideas…..what if we learn how to collaborate with others?

In today’s world, communication and referencing is easy….information, thoughts and ideas can be communicated, processed and elaborated in a short amount of time.

Of course the next question is….Who owns the idea and who has the right claim ownership and to manufacturer the product and make the money?

If you know the world of magic….there is NOT a lot of money made from selling magic products. The manufacturing and the distribution of product has shifted and become so diverse because of today’s technology and the Internet.

So I then ask….what are the real questions here regarding the inventing and the manufacturing of the new magic products? The answer to that is still being explored and still yet, to evolve to a level where we can begin to see a new way of thinking and creating new ideas and products.

By magic2motivate

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