There have several times throughout my career when I had to audition for work.

These auditions were usually for a series of on-going bookings or for a job as a resident entertainer.

My first big audition was for the entertainment company for a Festival Market Place at the Indianapolis Union Train Station. I don’t remember how many magicians auditioned for that job but I selected and worked that job for over 3 years as an atmosphere entertainer along with several other variety acts. I performed up to 25 shows every week. That gig gave me the chance to learn how to work an audience and refine my performance.

                 union station   Steve Grocery Store Promo  Steve Trade Show MikeSells

I also had to audition for a job as entertainer doing product promotions for trade shows and retail businesses.

The secret is to do the stuff that is YOU! 

Below is a link to an article I recommend to help you prepare for a audition.

Click on this link>>>   The Worst Thing You Can Do in an Audition

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