“Do As I Do Paper Tear”

Years ago I started using the “Tear/No Tear Pads of Paper” in my motivational sales programs.
Later on I came up with idea using the same pad of paper just for fun. Here is the idea I have been using with great success.

The magician introduces a pad of paper. Two sheets are removed….one is given to a volunteer and the other is held back for the magician.

The magician instructs the volunteer to do as he does. The magician holds up his piece of paper and folds it in half. He then stands next to the volunteer as he instructs the volunteer to do the same.

He continues by saying, “Tear the folded paper in half.” the magician does this while facing the audience. When the volunteer attempts to tear the paper he finds the paper will not tear. The audience will notice the volunteer struggling to tear the paper but the magician continues to give instructions as though the volunteer is doing the same.

The magician continues to demonstrate how to tear the paper not only once but twice and then three times leaving several small pieces in the magician’s hand. The magician then stacks the peices together in his hand….

A magic word is spoken and immediately the torn pieces of paper are unfolded show it has magically restored, back to one piece of paper.

The magician then turns to the volunteer and tells the volunteer to open their paper and to show it also has magically restored itself back into one piece. TA DA! Yuk Yuk.

Of course the magician acts as though the volunteer has done the same as he has done giving the volunteer praise as he instructs the audience to give the volunteer a deserved applause.

The audience will know that the volunteer was not able to tear up the paper as instructed but after the laughter of watching the volunteer try to tear the paper the audience will join with the magician acting as though the volunteer as performed the same magic trick.

(You may notice this idea was inspired by Whit Haydn’s Linking ring routine.)

Sometimes I will sign their paper with a short motivational message and give it to them to keep so they will remember me.


Here is a short video of me performing this effect for a school program:

By magic2motivate

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