Rope Through Body

A few years ago while attending the “Get-Together” in Colon, Michigan, my friend, magician, Bob Bloenk. He shared with me a motivational message for the famous “Rope Through Body” trick made popular by Bob Sheets.

With Bob’s permission I pass this along to you:

“Imagine with me that life is like a piece of rope. This rope is like the the path we take. You will make choices as you make the twist and turns while traveling down your path. When you are young you start here and travel toward the end of your rope. Me, I am about here, near the end of my rope but you are young and will soon find that life is full of exciting moments created by the choices you make. You have the power to choose which side of the road you will travel. You can choose happiness or fear and frustration. Its your choice. You don’t have to follow the guy in front of you. You get to choose which side of the road you are going to travel.

Here’s a word to the wise….happiness does not come from money, possessions, or fame….it comes when you find joy, peace and love. Remember we are all just passing through this life. You can’t take money, possessions and fame with you when you leave. Therefore, may love, joy and peace be with you always.”

If you don’t know how to perform the trick of passing a rope through your body, find Bob Sheets’ HANG’EM HIGH DVD.

Back in 1993 I included a trick in one of my magic lectures called “Crossing the Line.” This was inspired by the “Rope Through Body” trick except I used the barricade tape commonly used by police reading “Do Not Cross.” Today you can find that tape in party or novelty shops.

I created a special gimmick just for the use of the barricade tape, to allow it to pass through my body. If you want to know more….contact me personally.


Here is a short edited video of that effect:


By magic2motivate

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