Same Effect – Different Methods

I invite you to watch these two videos of two different magicians using a different method but performing the same effect.

The first video is a performance by Richard Osterlind. He has been performing this effect for over 25 years.

The second video is a new product produced by Paul Harris, titled “The Examiner” by John Graham.

I am not saying that Graham stole this idea from Osterlind but this is a perfect example of the evolution of an idea.

I do not know if Graham saw Osterlind’s performance or if he communicated with him. But if they had communicated and collaborated on this effect…we might have an even better method and technique to perform this effect.


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The Zig Zag Girl Scandal

Magician and Magic historian, Mike Caveney, reported an scandal that took place back in the 60’s. It is centered around Robert Harbin’s illusion, the Zig Zag Girl.

Here is a video of Harbin performing that illusion.

Below is a link to Mike Caveney’s video reporting the scandal that took place.

Click Here >>>

I believe this report provides a valuable education on our magic community and the evolution of magic.

What can we learn from this report?

As Mike pointed out Harbin was motivated to write his book and he sold his illusion plans. In years past and even today many secrets are stolen without permission by other inventors and in industries such as, technology, entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and so on.

May I suggest this thought….

Instead of stealing ideas…..what if we learn how to collaborate with others?

In today’s world, communication and referencing is easy….information, thoughts and ideas can be communicated, processed and elaborated in a short amount of time.

Of course the next question is….Who owns the idea and who has the right claim ownership and to manufacturer the product and make the money?

If you know the world of magic….there is NOT a lot of money made from selling magic products. The manufacturing and the distribution of product has shifted and become so diverse because of today’s technology and the Internet.

So I then ask….what are the real questions here regarding the inventing and the manufacturing of the new magic products? The answer to that is still being explored and still yet, to evolve to a level where we can begin to see a new way of thinking and creating new ideas and products.

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There have several times throughout my career when I had to audition for work.

These auditions were usually for a series of on-going bookings or for a job as a resident entertainer.

My first big audition was for the entertainment company for a Festival Market Place at the Indianapolis Union Train Station. I don’t remember how many magicians auditioned for that job but I selected and worked that job for over 3 years as an atmosphere entertainer along with several other variety acts. I performed up to 25 shows every week. That gig gave me the chance to learn how to work an audience and refine my performance.

                 union station   Steve Grocery Store Promo  Steve Trade Show MikeSells

I also had to audition for a job as entertainer doing product promotions for trade shows and retail businesses.

The secret is to do the stuff that is YOU! 

Below is a link to an article I recommend to help you prepare for a audition.

Click on this link>>>   The Worst Thing You Can Do in an Audition

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“Do As I Do Paper Tear”

Years ago I started using the “Tear/No Tear Pads of Paper” in my motivational sales programs.
Later on I came up with idea using the same pad of paper just for fun. Here is the idea I have been using with great success.

The magician introduces a pad of paper. Two sheets are removed….one is given to a volunteer and the other is held back for the magician.

The magician instructs the volunteer to do as he does. The magician holds up his piece of paper and folds it in half. He then stands next to the volunteer as he instructs the volunteer to do the same.

He continues by saying, “Tear the folded paper in half.” the magician does this while facing the audience. When the volunteer attempts to tear the paper he finds the paper will not tear. The audience will notice the volunteer struggling to tear the paper but the magician continues to give instructions as though the volunteer is doing the same.

The magician continues to demonstrate how to tear the paper not only once but twice and then three times leaving several small pieces in the magician’s hand. The magician then stacks the peices together in his hand….

A magic word is spoken and immediately the torn pieces of paper are unfolded show it has magically restored, back to one piece of paper.

The magician then turns to the volunteer and tells the volunteer to open their paper and to show it also has magically restored itself back into one piece. TA DA! Yuk Yuk.

Of course the magician acts as though the volunteer has done the same as he has done giving the volunteer praise as he instructs the audience to give the volunteer a deserved applause.

The audience will know that the volunteer was not able to tear up the paper as instructed but after the laughter of watching the volunteer try to tear the paper the audience will join with the magician acting as though the volunteer as performed the same magic trick.

(You may notice this idea was inspired by Whit Haydn’s Linking ring routine.)

Sometimes I will sign their paper with a short motivational message and give it to them to keep so they will remember me.


Here is a short video of me performing this effect for a school program:

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Rope Through Body

A few years ago while attending the “Get-Together” in Colon, Michigan, my friend, magician, Bob Bloenk. He shared with me a motivational message for the famous “Rope Through Body” trick made popular by Bob Sheets.

With Bob’s permission I pass this along to you:

“Imagine with me that life is like a piece of rope. This rope is like the the path we take. You will make choices as you make the twist and turns while traveling down your path. When you are young you start here and travel toward the end of your rope. Me, I am about here, near the end of my rope but you are young and will soon find that life is full of exciting moments created by the choices you make. You have the power to choose which side of the road you will travel. You can choose happiness or fear and frustration. Its your choice. You don’t have to follow the guy in front of you. You get to choose which side of the road you are going to travel.

Here’s a word to the wise….happiness does not come from money, possessions, or fame….it comes when you find joy, peace and love. Remember we are all just passing through this life. You can’t take money, possessions and fame with you when you leave. Therefore, may love, joy and peace be with you always.”

If you don’t know how to perform the trick of passing a rope through your body, find Bob Sheets’ HANG’EM HIGH DVD.

Back in 1993 I included a trick in one of my magic lectures called “Crossing the Line.” This was inspired by the “Rope Through Body” trick except I used the barricade tape commonly used by police reading “Do Not Cross.” Today you can find that tape in party or novelty shops.

I created a special gimmick just for the use of the barricade tape, to allow it to pass through my body. If you want to know more….contact me personally.


Here is a short edited video of that effect:


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