Don’t Be A Fool and Wait!

Have you prepared a Motivational Magic Program yet?

What are you waiting for?

Do no wait until you have you been asked to present one. Prepare yourself now! Don’t torture yourself by quickly developing a motivational magic program at the last minute. It could be frustrating creating program in a short amount of time.

Now-Later 2

Do you know what your message will be? Do you have an outline? Have you chosen the magical effects you want to use in your program? Have you practiced your presentaion yet?

You would be surprised of the number of people who call me at the last moment asking my help needing a magic trick to illustrate a motivational magic message. First they need it right away and then they want my help writing their script not to mention they need the time to practice the whole routine.

Why do that to your self? If you have an interest in presenting Motivational Magic programs…w
hy wait until you have been asked?

Start NOW!


If you are working for clients who would enjoy a magic show with a little bit of motivation mixed in with the entertainment then start now.


Don’t wait until the last minute. Prepare yourself now. Decide now what topics you want to focus upon. Start writing your outline and carefully choose the effects you want to use to illustrate your message.

Test Them Out

After you have decided what topics you want to address (also note the ones you do NOT want to speak on…) you need to pick an effect that will best illustrate your message. Then test them out.

Put one of your new motivational magic tricks in the middle of your current magic shows. Test it out on the audience’s you currently are performing for. You don’t have to deliver the whole message, just enough to perform the effect. Decide if it fits you. Master the skills needed to create the effect. Make it a part of you.

Dont-Wait-CreateI found people appreciate a short motivational message in the middle of a show for entertainment purposes. Make sure it is entertaining, fun and magical. It also advertises your skills when presenting such a program to those interested.

Deciding now what effects you want to use to illustrate your motivational messages will put you ahead of the game. Your routines will look more professional and you will enjoy your work as a motivational magician and not feeled pressured.

Here is a hidden secret….once you start your work on creating a list of routines and effects for your motivational programs you will begin to attract the opportunities to present those types of programs. This is a universal principle called the law of correspondence. Soon, you be making more money from magic/speaking programs and at the same time enjoying the process. Why, because you created it and now they want it.

By magic2motivate