Ego vs. Talent?

Today I posted a poster on my FB page that read, “TOO much EGO will Kill your Talent.”

And I stated, “Some time ago…I had to learn how to NOT let my ego corrupt the beauty of my talents….and I continue to keep my ego in check. Testing, testing…one two, check, check!”

ego vs. talent

The response I got back was interesting…it inspired me to write the following.

To my memory, I have been aware of my ego since my childhood and I have experienced both success and failure at keeping it under my control as I became aware of myself.

I have learned that the ego itself it NOT evil or bad. We all have an ego which serves its purpose and that is….for survival. Let me explain what I mean.

The ego knows only itself….it loves itself….it is self centered to protect us from the world around us. Without it, we can be taken advantage of, become prey to the outside world. It is our ego that tells us to stand up for ourselves and even fight for whatever we want.

The ego will compromise in order to get what it wants…it will even appear to love someone else but the truth is its interest is really only in itself. Selfless love, unconditional love comes from the divine within you.

Your “Talent” is a part of….what I call….your “True Self” or as others say your Higher Self. When you become aware of your True Self you open yourself to your purpose in life….hidden in your True Self is your joy, happiness, satisfaction, peace and love.

Your talents are a gift you give to others….it is only in the giving that you will find great joy and satisfaction. The ego does not understand that….it only gives to get something in return.

When we become aware of our gifts and talents…with that comes the wisdom to know how to use them….to best know how to give and share it with others…especially the ones who know how to appreciate you and what you have to give.

As an entertainer….I use my talents to give people a sense of wonder, joy, fun and laughter. When I do that….I do it with great gratitude. I have learned how to exercise my gifts and talents to be the best at giving what I have to give.

If I let my ego control me…then it will want to control the outcome….and when it does NOT get what it wants then I am frustrated, unfulfilled and confused. When I use my talents to the best of my ability with joy and gratitude…then I am at peace…knowing that I have given it my best.

I stopped listening to my ego…I do NOT let it criticize me…make false accusations or stop me from using my talents and learning how to do this has taken time and understanding. I have learned how to let love be my motivation not my ego.

By magic2motivate

The Power In Writing



Writing is extremely powerful….that is if you put your thoughts and ideas on paper then you taking them out of the invisible into the visible.

This is an act of creation. You are a creator. Everyone is a creator. Some of us are better than others but everyone is designed to create.

Your thoughts and ideas is where it all begins. When you write, you go beyond the power of speaking. Writing down you thoughts and ideas is a recording, a record of your thoughts and ideas. It will exist long after you are gone. That is if you make it available for others to read.

Writing will give you a huge benefit. First it allows you to express your thoughts. You begin to organize them in the process of writing. Writing allows you to get clear about what it is you are saying. This is a very important benefit, more for you than it is for your readers.

Your next benefit in writing is it gives you credibility. When you write and especially offer your writings for others to read, others will note your effort in your writings and they too will benefit by reading them. Those write are obviously serious about what it is they have to say. It shows the discipline you have made to put your thoughts down on paper. (Note, when I say paper….that also includes typing on your computer.)

One more benefit for your writing. You can create residual income by writing a book, an e-book, a training manual, or a insider newsletter.

You may want to script your speaking programs. But I have found that most scripting is done for special presentations like selling, training videos, or introductions. Most speakers today work from an outline and they speak from their experiences not from a script.

You first challenge is to start writing. I am not going to talk about how to write at this time but rather the purpose of this writing is to get you motivated to start writing. Let it flow, avoid trying to edit when you start writing….that will come later. If you don’t start writing then there is nothing to edit. So the first major step is in your writing.


Now that I have you thinking about writing….I challenge you to write your first e-book. The poster below will give you some suggestions to think about.


Writing E book

By magic2motivate