Using “Motivational Magic” in Product Promotions and Sales


When I began to coin the phrase “Motivational Magic” I defined it as any form of magic trick to present a message and one of them was in motivating people to buy a product.

Trade Shows

Naturally every TrSteve Trade Show MikeSellsade Show Magician is promoting a product or a service to those who come by the both  and most clients will use the magician to help draw a crowd and to catch leads to important trade show  attendees. The client will often ask the magician to include a marketing/sale presentation in this magic  routine but not always. I found I was able to charge more for my time at a trade once I convinced the client  I was NOT only entertainment but also a marketing tool for their company. This photo of me working for a  potato chip company…my job was to draw a crowd and then give away free sample bags of chips which I  had magically made appear….


Product Promotions

My good friend Gene KeeneyThe Keen Genii” he worked for Kahn’s Meat Company for 25 years, retiring in 1987. He work trade shows but he also worked in groceries store all across the country. Gene was paid a salary and stock in the company….which later became a wealthy investment for him. When it comes to getting paid….always think in the long terms instead of the one performance…..focus upon building relationships instead of just booking yourself for a show.

For a couple of years I ended up working for International Foods promoting their products in several grocery stores in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Chicago. My job was to draw attention to their products using my magic and then giving away coupons. It was a very simple job working 3-4 hours aSteve Grocery Store Promo day…sometimes two stores a day…two or three days a week. They booked the stores for me and paid me per store appearance.

So how do you get a job promoting products as a magician?

There is no “one way” of doing it…..International Food found me…other companies I approached them. Choose the kind of markets you would enjoy working in. Sometimes you will talk to the marketing departments other times you will have to talk to the owner of the company. When you call upon them…you will find they are willing to meet with you since your are a magician and they are curious to see what you have to show them. BUT I did NOT do a lot of magic but rather I spoke to them about what I had to offer them. Within a few years I was doing more and more product promotions…most of the work was a result of my talking about my successes with other companies and identifying how I could benefit them.

Remember you are a visual arts entertainer and the best way to sell yourself is in their face….not through printed or video promotional material. Do what ever it takes to meet with them, tell them the benefits of hiring you and then give them a sample of your magic.

One client came to me wanting me to help pitch their computer program to Abbott Laboratories in San Francisco…I had them help me write a 20 minute script which I had to memorize and make some customized tricks to communicate my message. They flew me there, paid all my expenses to present this pitch to four groups within the company. It was successful in selling their program. I got paid $5,000.00 and they got a 5 million dollar contract with Abbott Laboratories.




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How my career as a Motivational Magician began:


As a young boy I pursued magic as a hobby and later I began to make it a money making adventure. By the time I was 14 I was performing magic shows in my local area and getting paid. Then I won first place in the stage contest at the Magical Youths International . I was determined to become a professional magician.

 MYI First Place Stage Contest Award 1969

But my parents and my guidance counselor encourage me to get a “real job” and to attend college. So when I graduated from college I got a job as a salesman and it didn’t take long before I was using my magic to further my sales career.

One day I lost my sales job and I immediately started promoting myself as a professional magician.
With in a year I had replaced my income from sales and I became very successful entertaining audiences all over my 5 state area.


I was then asked to present a program for a local Chamber of Commerce so I combined my magic with a few motivational messages and they loved it. I had found a new adventure. But it took several years for me to learn how to combine the two and to promote myself as a “Motivational Magician.”

I began attending the local chapter of the National Speakers Association and within a few years my work as a Motivational Magician took off.

Steve b w

As a motivational speaker/entertainer I was making five times what I was making as a magician and I was having FUN doing it.

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