Secrets of Success Magic Workbook

Back in 2008 I had started making motivational magic videos and posting them on Youtube.  This is an idea I had using a magic workbook I had printed up back then.

By magic2motivate

Putting an Art Design on a Silk Handkerchief.

I made a step by step video showing you how I did this. It is now available on the Level 2 membership for magic2motivate.

By magic2motivate

Eating Donuts

This is something I found at my local Walmart.  I thought you might enjoy playing around with this…..

By magic2motivate

Live Show Video Clips

These are some video clips from a show I and a few of my magician friends put on here on the Space Coast of Florida. I think you will enjoy it.

By magic2motivate

Color Changing Wreaths

This is a new routine idea I came up with and I wanted to pass it along to you.

I have yet to refine the patter and performance but I am sure you will get the idea.

By magic2motivate